Green Chemistry Week

Jueves 21 Marzo 2024

Miércoles 3 de abril de 16 a 17: Workshop del Dr. John Warner – Dra. Juliana Vidal

Introduction and Tools to Green Chemistry

By accurately understanding the definition and principles of green chemistry, one can better see how it fits within the broader frameworks of sustainability. While the foundational purpose of green chemistry (to reduce chemistry’s impact on human health and the environment) has moral and ethical components, this workshop will illustrate some GC tools that you can apply in your research and how green chemistry can help organizations be more creative, reduce costs and shorten the time to commercialization. 


Jueves 4 de abril de 13:30 a 15 h: Workshop del Dr. Jeffrey-León Pulido 

Del Laboratorio al Mercado: Emprendimientos e Innovaciones Sostenibles en Biomímesis y Química Verde

En este workshop se explorarán estrategias para llevar las investigaciones del laboratorio al mercado, destacando la importancia de la sostenibilidad en los procesos de innovación. Se discutirán casos prácticos y se brindarán herramientas para impulsar proyectos en áreas clave como la biomímesis y la química verde, con el objetivo de promover soluciones innovadoras y respetuosas con el medio ambiente.

Viernes 5 de abril de 8:45 a 17 h: 1st Symposium on Green Chemistry and Sustainability: current developments and future challenges

The main goal of this symposium is to ensure increased visibility and dissemination of Green Chemistry within the academic community and industry. Featuring prominent researchers, professionals, and scientists in the international field, the symposium aims to accelerate a shift towards cleaner and sustainable production for the benefit of a global, sustainable, and prosperous society, while safeguarding the planet. Noteworthy national and transnational entities, such as the EPA (USA), the European Green Deal (EU), and UN programs (UNIDO, UNEP), have incorporated Green Chemistry into their policies. For Latin America, this first international symposium drives Green Chemistry as a foundation for sustainable scientific, technological, socio-economic, and political development, addressing environmental challenges and promoting a circular economy.